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Welcome to A. S. Moloobhoy Pvt. Ltd. Leisure Yachting and Sailing.

If you are a boat owner or a boat manager, please fill out the form attached. If you are a new Customer, please “Register Now” with us to avail uninterrupted service and discount offers.

Alternatively, you can send us an email at yachts@asmoloobhoy.com or call us at: 022-23786800 for any other questions and/or queries. We will have a response to you within 24 hours or 48 hours in the event of public holidays.

It’s a technical survey. Our engineer will attend your vessel and check your fly/bridge equipment. He will write up a service report and locate the source of the issue. The engineer will implement three troubleshooting steps to rectify the issue, if the issue still persists, then you will be requested to schedule a Service Call.

Technical Inspection

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Schedule a Service Call

Our Hotline for Service: 0091-22-3786800 and dial “9” for the operator.
Email: yachts@asmoloobhoy.com and service@asmoloobhoy.com 

We have a team of 50 engineers located at all our offices around India.

Our infrastructure allows us to attend to your service calls within a 12-24 hour request period, excluding public holidays.

Our engineers are trained and certified to service a range of electronic-navigation and communication equipment.

Please scroll down to our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) list for a complete list of OEMs that we represent in India.

You can also visit us at for a comprehensive list of OEMs we represent and are certified to service.


Register a Warranty Claim

Warranty is only applicable when:

  • There is a hardware/software malfunction
    • Note: Cabling and/or earthing related issues do not fall under warranty
    • Warranty is not applicable to change settings of the equipment
  • Most on board warranty is only available when equipment is installed by a trained and certified Service Provider
  • Our engineers will only be able to categorize the service as “in” or “out” of warranty – after a technical inspection of the equipment
    • Note: Technical Inspections are not covered under warranty
  • No warranty available on spares
  • No warranty on service

Terms & Conditions when scheduling a Warranty Service:

  • For a warranty claim to be applicable, the equipment must not have been tampered with and/or serviced by any other unauthorized technician/crew member/engineer, who have not been certified by the OEM
  • Equipment must be under the warranty period (1-2 years, depending on OEM)
  • All documentation must be in order and submitted prior to the Service
  • Boat must be in India, at an Indian port of call
  • If travel time exceeds 1 hour, 1 way, then it will be chargeable

Please upload the following documents along with your form, to schedule and confirm a Warranty Service.

  1. Si. Number and Part Number of the Equipment
  2. Date of Sale of the boat/equipment
  3. Name and information of the dealer where the equipment/boat was bought
  4. Owners information
  5. Registration papers

Warranty Form

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Liferaft Sale, Rent and Service

Purchase of a Liferaft:

Moloobhoys represents the following life raft brands in India: RFD, Survitec, Lalizas, CSM China, CunHong China, KHA China and Zodiac.

Rent a Liferaft:

Sailing today? Tomorrow? Next week? We recommend our RENT A LIFERAFT!! game plan.

Please CLICK Photos for more images.

Please email us at yachts@asmoloobhoy.com for more information.

The brochures below have been provided as options for your reference.

Shanghai YouLong KHY(SR)   RFD SeaSava Pro

Fact Sheet:

  1. Sailing without a liferaft is against MMD regulations and can be life threatening
  2. There must be adequate rafts on board for all guests and crew members
  3. All rafts are serviced at Moloobhoy’s DG approved service stations
  4. Rafts come equipped with SOLAS E Pack
  5. Emergency Food and Water Ration is available at a marginal additional cost

Hiring a Raft:

  1. Rafts are at a 6, 8 and 10 person capacity
  2. Send us an email 24-48 hours before or give us a call 12 hours before you take your boat out to rent one
  3. Minimum Rental – 1 day & Maximum Rental – 6 months
  4. An interest free/fully refundable Security Deposit is payable at the time of delivery of the liferaft and will be returned at the time of collection of the raft, provided that there is no damage/harm done to the raft or the container.

Service of a Liferaft:

Moloobhoys have a DG Approved Life Raft Service Station in Mumbai and Kolkata.

We will inaugurate our third station in Goa by the end of 2015.

We have the capacity to service three 20 person liferafts simultaneously. Rafts are usually returned in 36 working hours from collection/delivery.

IRS survey and certification can be arranged, at an additional cost.

Collection and delivery of liferafts are included in our quotes – including but not limited to all the local taxes and Octori.


  1. Pyrotechniques (pyros) supply and collection for disposal at any port of call.
  2. Moloobhoys has the only Department of Explosives approved and DG certified facility in Asia for pyros disposal.

Moloobhoys are the largest supplier of pyros in India till date.

Food and Water Rations

We supply food and water rations (approved by CCS and DG as per the Governmental norms and regulations) in India.

These are used during liferaft servicing and are also available to outright purchase and procurement.

Please send all your enquires to: yachts@asmoloobhoy.com & liferafts@asmloobhoy.com


Schedule an Onboard Training Session

Thank you for choosing Moloobhoys and for giving us the opportunity to be of service to you.

As our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) representatives in India, we are able to assist in training your team or your crew on your electronic equipment on board. We are happy to conduct this training anywhere, and at any time that suits your convenience within the hours of 10am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday.

Sundays is counted as Over Time.

Most of the training that we conduct is on Raymarine, Simrad and Furuno equipment.

Training is available for both navigation and communication equipment.

We also conduct hold training sessions for ECIDs and understanding charts, EPRIBS and PLBs activation and life raft storage and handling.

We recommend conducting a Raymarine training on board. Our instructor will board your boat at a convenient time and teach you how to use the equipment you have on board. This will allow you to maximize your usage off the equipment on board and also to navigate the quickest and economic route using your auto pilot. Raymarine works for you and navigation is easy – our engineers will show you how!

Yes, and we highly recommend it. If you have bought a new boat or are learning how to sail, our engineer/instructor will assist in showing you how to use your bridge equipment to make your task much simpler.

Here’s a simple step-by-step process that you need to follow:

  1. Let us know when you would like to schedule a training time and date, give us two options to choose from
  2. Please mention if this is an onboard or classroom training session and the Port of Call
  3. Send us all the information you have on your bridge equipment
  4. Please call us at: 0091-22-23786800 and dial “9” of the operator to schedule training


Organize a Boat Charter


We can help get you the best price in the market should you be interested in chartering a yacht/speed boat/sail boat for a private or corporate event. All you need to do is send us an email at: yachts@asmoloobhoy.com and we will put you in touch with the right people for the right price.

At Moloobhoys, we get you the best rate and the best packages if you are interested in organizing a charter! Because we work with everyone in the marine luxury segment, we have special packages that we can make available to you.

Need a Speed-boat?:

Let us know if you need to arrange a Pick-Up/Drop-Off to Alibaug

  • Round Trip on the same day
  • Weekend Alibaug Visit
  • Going Friday, Back Monday
  • For any other variation, please email us at yachts@asmoloobhoy.com

Need a Jet-Ski?:

We can arrange that for you, at a discounted price. Please choose from the following Options.

  • Let us know how many people?
  • How long do you want to ski for?
  • Are you over the age of 18?
  • Month-long rental
  • Weekend rental
  • To Alibaug and Back

Need a Yacht?:

Click on the Charter Photo Album to choose a boat that you are interested in.

Send us a detailed requirement and a price budget that you have allocated for the charter.

  • Let us know when and where, and how many people you want on board with you.
  • Do you need us to cater for your event?
  • Are you celebrating a special occasion?
  • Preferred mode of payment

Our OEMs and Customers


The following OEMs are represented by A. S. Moloobhoy and Sons Pvt. Ltd. and A. S. Moloobhoy Pvt. Ltd. They are therefore collectively made available to you as per your requirement. For more details, please visit us at: www.asmoloobhoy.com for the bifurcation of representation.


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Corporate Office

Address : Marathon Futurex, B-501, Mafatlal Mills Compound,
N.M.Joshi Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, INDIA
Phone : 91-22-23080800
Fax : 91-22-23080799
E-mail : yachts@asmoloobhoy.com
Website : www.asmoloobhoy.com

Moloobhoy Campus

Address : Anchor House”, MbPT Plot 58,1st Darukhana Cross
Street, Mazagaon, Mumbai (Bombay) - 400 010
Phone : 91-22-23786800
Fax : 91-22-23742678


Moloobhoys is Head Officed in Mumbai with 8 offices at all the major ports in India.

We have a team of engineers located in: Goa, Kochi, Port Blair, Vizag, Chennai, Kolkata, Kandla and Kakinada.

Click here for more information or to get in touch with one of our local offices

Please ensure that you CC all correspondence to: yachts@asmoloobhoy.com


Interested in pursing a career in luxury yachting and sailing?

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Send us your resume at: hr@asmloobhoy.com via e-mail, and someone from our HR department will get in touch with you soon.

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