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UAE, Oman and India

Repair > Replacement A Quick Fix Solution = The More Economical Option

Conducting repair work at a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) level allows Customers to use their installed equipment without having to buy a new replacement. PCB repair is economic and hassle-free.

We have a dust-free & Antistatic lab for repair facility. We undertake repairs upto component level for any Electronic system & upto component & track level for a Printed Circut Board (PCB)

The State-of-the-Art Facility

We have a state of the art facility with Infrared Re-work Station, QMAX In-Circuit, IC Tester with anti-static work environment to repair PCBs, at component level.

  • Repair of Multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards.
  • Repair of Russian / Western origin Units / PCBs / Test Equipment.
  • Repair of Complete Electronic Equipment as black box concept
  • Skilled & Experienced Man power with overall experienced of 40 years.
  • Registered with Russian/ Western OEM & authorized suppliers for procurement of Original/Obsolete spares.
  • Supply of Russian components.
  • Repair of Complete Units.
  • Indigenization of Russian cables as per requirement.
  • Manufacture, Modifications, Alterations, Additions to existing design to meet customer specific requirements or to meet any component/board level obsolesces issues.
  • Reverse engineering to meet component / PCB obsolescence.
Moloobhoys PCB Repair Facility, testing of the Printed Circuits Board
Female Engineer at Moloobhoys PCB Repair Facility, working on the circuit board

The Skill

We have an exhaustive stock of IC Components, Capacitors, Resistors etc. of Russian and Western origin.

Our skilled engineers and technicians have a collective wealth of over 40 years of experience in PCB repair with a specialisation in the repair of of Multilayer/ Sophisticated PCBS of Russian/Western Origin.

The Esteemed Customer

Our esteemed customer list includes The Indian Navy for whom we repaired Surface-to-Surface Missile PCBs, Blocks, Units for INS Tunir and NAD Karajia. We also have carried out repair for Uran Missile and Torpedo Blocks and Units.

We are registered with Railways - Kalyan Locoshed, JNPT Port, Godrej Ltd. for repair of PCBs.

Projects Defense/Marine/Industries

  • v KASHMIR Missile
  • SHTIL Missile
  • SSM Missile
  • URAN Missile
  • TAL Missile
  • NAVAL DOCKYARD WECORS (Kasthan system Blocks & Russian Listinits Duplex System P-405)
  • Navigation-RADAR,GYRO,GPS,NMEA Converter , HMI Displays
  • Communication System -MFHF,VHF ,SAT-C,NDB
  • Accoustic –Echo sounder & Speed log
  • PLCC-Power Line Carrier Communication
Surface to Surface Missile - Repairing of the printed circuit board (PCB)
Testing of the PCB Printed Circuit boards of various equipments

The Opportunity

Industrial PCBs from companies like Manugraph Ltd., Manthan Marine, Sanjay Technologies are repaired by us.

Our customer base also includes Pharmaceutical companies like Lupin and Cipla.

We can take up the repairs of PCBs of any kind & type irrespective of their size & shape. We repair micro- processor / microcontroller based PCBs. We have a memory reader/programmer which read, edit & program programmable ICS.


Download Sr. Description Customer / Vessel Date
Document 1. Appreciation for Mr. Akshay Rane & Hitesh Wani Indian Navy (Wecors) 21-Jan-2020
Document 2. Appreciation for Mr. Akshay Rane & Hitesh Wani Manthan Marine 12-Dec-2019
Image 3. Letter of Appreciation from Rajat Agarwal, Commander Naval Dockyard (Mumbai) 10-Dec-2019
Document 4. Appreciation for Mr. Akshay Rane & Vijayakumar S Manthan Marine 02-Nov-2019
Image 5. Appreciation for Mr. Paresh Panchal Lieutenant Commander Akshay Thapliyal 17-Oct-2019
Image 6. Appreciation for Mr. Vijayakumar & Ganesh Temkar Chief Engineer, Ocean Amethyst 19-Jul-2019
Document 7. Appreciation for Mr. Ganesh T & Paresh P Samson Maritime, OCEAN TURQUOISE 27-Jun-2019
Document 8. Appreciation for Mr. Paresh Panchal P & Yogendra W ONGC, ONGC HELIBASE 29-Nov-2018