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Gyro Overhaul Servicing & Repair

As per the Standard Requirement as practiced internationally, Moloobhoys is fully equipped to carry out the following tasks for Annual Gyro Service and Overhaul.

  1. Complete Gyro Servicing including cleaning

  2. Repair and Replacement of Gyro Spares as required

  3. Replacement of Sensitive Element

As per the OEM, the Sensitive Element replacement should be carried out every four years.

Should you need any additional information, we are happy to be of service to you. Please email us at and we will reply within 24 hours.

Servicing of Gyro Compass Full Set
SIMRAD and Tokyo Keiki Full Range of Gyro Equipment

Warranty & Other Services

We are authorized to conduct all warranty service for Simrad (Navico) and Tokyo Keki gyro and auto pilot.

Please note, in this case, all OEM terms and conditions will be applicable to all warranty service requests.

Email us at for an immediate appointment for a service call/attendance.

We request all Customers to provide us with the relevant vessel information and license copies, including all gyro service reports (if any).

We look forward to humbly being at your service.

OEM Trained & Certified Engineers

In order to serve our Customers best, we request you to please contact us directly for any servicing requirement in India or in the UAE.

Our engineers are trained and certified for Simrad (Navico) and Tokyo Keki Gyro service, supply, installation and commissioning.

When requesting for an annual gyro service, please mention the last date of replacement of the sensitive element in order for us to quote to you appropriately.

You can also "Chat" with us, in the available "Chat" window, on the right hand side of your screen.

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