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Customer Satisfaction is always on our Radar

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Service With a Smile

This is the Moloobhoy Motto.

Our customer support team is expected to keep in touch with all ship agents for information on ETA and ETD (attendance) of vessels, thereby ensuring that there are no unattended service calls or dissatisfied customers.

How can we Help You?

We have a back-office team of fluent English speaking co-ordinators.

They work round the clock (24/7) to keep vigil on e-mails and text messages. The responsibility of co-ordinating and communicating with a customer lies with them and they also handle the sale of spares.

First Time Fix

We carry a huge inventory of electronic spares, cables and connectors at any time in the year and this stock enables our engineers to ensure a "first time fix" every time, any time.

Just Fix It

Our engineers are briefed before attending the vessel so that when he does attend the vessel, he's already pre-prepared to "just fix it".

Our Services

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Customized Service Jobs

We are available 24/7 and 365 days of the year.

At Moloobhoys we take care of all your servicing needs. Because no two Customers are the same, and no service calls can ever be identical, our Customers have the choice of Customizing their Service requirements.

You can choose from SBMCs (Shore Based Maintenance Contracts), AMCs (Annual Maintenance Contract), Warranty jobs, service and supply of spares, re-fitment of existing equipment, installation of new equipment and even schedule a PCB repair call.

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Schedule an Attendance

Please email us at service@asmoloobhoy.com for more information about our tariffs, rates and engineer availability.

You can call us at: 0091 9820799972 / 0091 9619897343 to speak with our coordinators after office hours, because we believe in 24/7 service for the Maritime Customer.

During office hours (10am - 6pm IST) please call our land lines at 0091 22 23028636 and speak with us at your convenience.

Scroll down this window, and "Chat" with us, if you are visiting our site during office hours.

We look forward to humbly being at your service.

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We have a team of 45+ engineers, most of them OEM trained by stalwart market leaders in Electronics like Furuno, Tokyo Keiki, SAC, Simrad etc.

With branches at all the major Indian Ports, we have engineers and technicians located all over India, available to service the Customer as and when required.

Please give us 24-48 hours notice (working hours) in order for us to confirm our engineer availability and attendance.

We thank you for this opportunity to be of Service to You.

Awards and Appreciations

Moloobhoys is proud to confirm that we have recently been awarded the "Best Global Service Provider 2016" award from Furuno Electric, Japan.

We were applauded for obtaining a 100% success rate in all our service calls, and we were recognized for the highest number of service calls with the maximum "100%" ratings by our Customers.

We take this opportunity to thank our Customers and the Furuno team for this great honour and privilege.

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OEM Representation

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you. Please refer to our OEM page for detailed information on all our OEMs and all our servicing capabilities.

Please also refer to our Sales page for a comprehensive over-view of all the OEM brands our engineers are trained on.

Our engineers have a large skill set and are capable of conducting technical inspections and/or servicing jobs for non OEM approved equipment as well, with or without IRS supervision.

Email us today to find out more about our Combo Offers and Seasonal Packages.

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