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EPIRB / SART Servicing

We control approximately 70% of the market share for EPIRB / SART and SSAS.

We can service equipment from ACR-ARTEX, Jotron, Orolia group: McMurdo, Kannad, Sailor (for batteries only), SERPE, IESM.

We have DGS approved service station at Mumbai, Vizag, Chennai, Port Blair and Kochi.


  • Servicing

    The EPIRB is opened and cleaned inside out. Re-labelling is carried out by certified technician at an authorized service station.

  • Testing

    Self-Test and Live-Test carried out on the EPIRB and SART.

  • Battery Replacement

    We are authorized BRC's (Battery Replacement Centers) for ACR-ARTEX, McMurdo, Kannad and Jotron.

  • Certification

    Carried out for EPIRBs as per MSC Circ. 1039 and 1040, and for SARTS against general certification, as per the requirement of the flag state.

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These Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons must be tested on a monthly basis by the end user and once a year during the Class Radio Survey on board the vessel or at an authorized service station. They need their battery to be replaced every 05 years. They are serviced at a Moloobhoy Service Station that is certified and equipped to change batteries as per the OEM's requirement and as is mandated by the Flag State Authorities.

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A SART is a Seach and Rescue Transponder that is used in a distress situation by the end user. A simple piece of equipment that can literally save your life, as it connects directly with the X-Band Radar that is on board the Search and Rescue craft. This can be a plane, a helicopter or a vessel nearby. SARTS do not need programming and are available ex stock with Moloobhoys.

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PLBs are Personal Locator Beacons which can be used on land or at sea. These devices have an in-built GPS that accurately pin-points the users exact location when activated in a distress situation.

PLBs do not need servicing and suffice on monthly testing that can be done by the end user independently, wherever he is.

Only for Battery Replacement, PLBs must be brought to the service station every 5 years.

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Polestar SSAS


We are the authorized distributor and Service Provider for Polestar. Our host of services include providing technical support and airtime services. Recently, the new Polestar Platform was launched. This now provides a host of different services all under one umbrella - such as - SSAS, Air Time, Risk Management and Real-Time Vessel Tracking.

There is also the feature of multi layered Google maps giving weather information for a week, updated every day, including graphic cyclone activity. Moreover, this platform can be accessed not only from desktops or laptops but also from smart phones, making it easier for the person in charge to attend even on the go.

Battery replacement for SSAS is every 2 / 2.5 years.

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EPIRB / SART Certification issued by Moloobhoy


Our issued certificates are valid for 05 years from the date of supply of equipment or battery replacement. We conduct several on-board services for the SART, depending on the Customer's requirement.

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