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Disposal of Pyrotechnics

Moloobhoys have set up a Pyrotechnic Disposal facility under the auspices of Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organisation (PESO) and have also received a NOC (No Object Certificate) from Directorate General of Shipping (DGS).

We have been pioneers in this field.

The disposing of Pyrotechnics is an essential service to the Maritime Industry, since this restricts the possibility of misuse by ship chandlers/agents, ship repairers and service stations; particularly in these difficult present times of heightened terrorist activity. Unfortunately, India has become very notorious for "re-cycling" such products, without conscience, so that "re-dated" signals are often in circulation for over ten years - effectively periods in excess of three times their safe service life of 3 years!

By making available safe and authorized route for disposal of such signals at the end of their prescribed service life of 3 years, done under the auspices of PESO and keeping the DGS in the loop, we are optimistic that these malpractices may be curbed to the maximum extent possible.

Today as per DGS guidelines (below), safe and correct disposal of Pyrotechnics is mandatory.

"All expired pyrotechnics must be disposed in accordance with the guidelines under NT Circular 01 of 2015 dated 18.05.2015. As per the law, necessary records must be maintainted for the use and disposal of pyrotechnics."

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