Automatic Identification System

Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a collision avoidance system that displays other vessels in the vicinity. We stock some of the best AIS Equipment by Jotron & Em-trak.

Jotron, Automatic Identification System, AIS, Tron TR-8000

Tron AIS TR-8000

AIS TR-8000 comes with separate display and transponder unit, 7" touch screen display, easy ECDIS interface, upgradable software, collision alarms and is approved according to latest AIS standard.

em-trak, A200, AIS, Automatic Identification System

A200 AIS Class A

 The A200 is a fully certified AIS Class A (SOLAS & Inland Waterway) which delivers a new level of performance, reliability and functionality.

em-trak, Automatic Identification System, AIS, B100 AIS class B

B100 AIS class B

The em-trak B100 provides you with a high performance, easy to install and use AIS Class B transceiver suitable for any small commercial or leisure vessel.