The Management of Moloobhoys Group of Companies, Adil, Nafeesa, Ghazalah, Tehzeeb Moloobhoy

A Brief History:

A. S. Moloobhoy Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as A. S. Moloobhoy & Sons) was created in 1905 during the first World War, when India was still a colony of the British. Initially starting off as ship chandlers and ship breakers, Moloobhoys briefly owned a few cargo vessels as well. We later metamorphosed into being suppliers and service providers of life-saving, fire-fighting and electronic equipment for Customers within the maritime sphere.

Moloobhoy’s Today:

Fast forward a 111 years later, A. S. Moloobhoy Pvt. Ltd. is still a 100% family owned company, dedicated to the service of the Indian Maritime Fraternity.

Details of our Directors:

Mr. Adil Moloobhoy           – Chairman

Mrs. Nafeesa Moloobhoy   – Managing Director

Ms. Ghazalah Moloobhoy  – Director

Ms. Tehzeeb Moloobhoy    – Director

With a team of over 150 people, 45 engineers and 10 technicians, we are head-officed in Mumbai with 08 branches at all the major ports located around the great Indian peninsula. This pan-India infrastructure allows us to reach our Customer’s vessels within 24 hours, even if they are located at the most obscure ports.

With over 7,568 km of coastline, we believe that the key to ensuring Customer satisfaction is to create a stable and self-sustainable infrastructure that could then become the proverbial and literal foundation for a company’s growth and development.

We maintain a large inventory of equipment and spares for all the OEMs we represent, and we work hard at ensuring that Customer complaints are kept to a minimum.

Our Service Mantra is: First Time Fix and we are committed to doing just that for Marcas’s Customer network, once we are empaneled.


Organogram and Company Layout:

The parent company, A. S. Moloobhoy Pvt. Ltd. has three main verticals:

  1. Sales (
  2. Service (
  3. Training (

We are located in India and in the UAE, in Dubai and Fujairah.

Within our Sales vertical, Moloobhoys represents over 50 OEMs from around the world, exclusively and non-exclusively in India.

Moloobhoys is approved by 08 classification societies for conducting on-board SRT Surveys.



We also represent our  team of engineers and technicians at all our branches are trained and certified in all our OEM equipment. We are therefore able to provide our Customers with turn-key solutions for all their needs and requirements. 

In the lifesaving segment, we represent Fujikura, Hyundai & BADA HI, Vanguard, Kiddie Fire & Safety and GMI.

Service Vertical:

Moloobhoys have a team of engineers authorized to conduct Liferaft, Lifeboat and LSA-FFA Servicing in addition to servicing of any Navigation and Communication Equipment. We are also authorized by all the Classes to conduct VDR/APT and Radio Surveys.

Our engineers speak fluent English and our Senior Engineers have valid passports for immediate travel, if need be.

Being on call 24/7, 365 days of the year, we have a “Zero Customer Complaint Tolerance.”

As a value added service to our OEMs, we are able to support them either by offering advice and assistance over the phone – through “remote assistance” or by sending our engineers to the said vessel, wherever it may be.

We maintain extensive archives on all our Customers, especially in the Electronics field, so we are able to maintain a record of the equipment that they have on board.

In this way, when the vessel calls at any port in India, our senior engineers and service managers technically evaluate the problem which the vessel is facing before-hand and then attend the said vessel in order to ensure the “first-time-fix” mantra, by carrying the appropriate and required spares on board.

We are very proud to have won the “Best Global Service Provider 2016” Award from Furuno Japan last year, for having a 100% service attendance success rate.


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The Management of Moloobhoys Group of Companies, Adil, Nafeesa, Ghazalah, Tehzeeb Moloobhoy


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