Shocking! Fake Pyros which will take innocent lives

Stop Fake Pyros

Shortcuts in safety - just to make money.

Shocking !!!

Where is good old integrity gone ?

This week my blog is devoted to spurious Pyros being used in the servicing of liferafts.

Moloobhoys have three D.G.S. (Director General of Shipping) approved service stations - Mumbai, Mundra and Kolkata.

This last week at all my three service stations, when we opened the liferafts for servicing - we were totally shocked and disgusted- the liferafts being serviced at all of our three stations; were full of spurious Pyrotechnics.

Let me share the details with you.

Samudra Sevak - SCI

In Mumbai- we opened vessel Samudra Sevak liferaft, which serves the offshore sector, belonging to SCI (Shipping Corporation of India), last serviced by another station - and I attach below the Pyros that came out - all from Alang or recycled.

The last service station is responsible for this. 

Re-dated rockets - Samudra Sevak - SCI
Re-dated Rockets of Samudra Sevak, SCI

With work that leaves you dazed - is the liferaft a “life saving equipment” or a “life taking equipment?”


Then in our Mundra service station we opened a COASTGUARD liferaft C-304 and it was disgusting what we discovered.

Red Hand Flares
Orange Smoke Signals
Red Hand Flares


Last servicing was done by a local Gujarat firm and my conclusion was - we don’t need Pakistan or China to kill us - our liferafts with substandard spurious Pyros will do the job adequately.

MV Nicobar - SCI

If this was not bad enough - and as we were reeling from the shock of the above; my Kolkata station rings in - saying another liferaft found with recycled Pyros- this time serviced by my worst competitor for a Passenger Vessel - MV Nicobar belonging to SCI and plying between Portblair and Kolkata and Chennai carrying poor passengers who can’t afford the airfare and who use this mode of transportation.

Here are photographs of the Pyros, a letter from our OEM confirming that the Pyros are re-dated and the incomplete service report of the liferaft servicing company - which is incomplete in its very structure; very conveniently omitting all the necessary details every service report must have like “lot number of the Pyros”, “date of manufacture” etc.

Service Report and spurious Pyros

Letter from Drew Marine Safety
Letter from Drew Safety 2

Shocking but true!

I appeal to all my readers to help us in this war against fake Pyros and to the Authorities to support us by being extra vigilant and protect the innocent men at sea from the dangers of fake Pyrotechnics.

Remember: If you use fake Pyros you won’t live to regret it !

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