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With a team of professionals and OEM trained and certified engineers, representing the best brands of the Maritime World, Moloobhoys has humbly catered to a large customer base, starting with India and now around the world, for over a 100+ years.



We are market leaders in the sale and distribution of Marine Distress Signals, Diving Equipment, EPIRB and SART, SSAS, Marine Chemicals, Navigation and Communication (NAVCOM) Equipment. We cover equipment from the bridge of the ship, to the hull, including the engine room. Our pan-India sales exceeds 60% market share in each of the above verticals.

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Our OEM trained engineers provide life-saving services: such as liferaft, lifeboat and fire-fighting services, including pyrotechnic disposal. In the Electronic segment we do installation and repair of all NAVCOM equipment, Gyro servicing, PCB Repair and SRT Surveys.

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We conduct the Furuno Type Specific ECDIS Training Course exclusively in India. We also offer the MARIS and NAVICO Type Specific Training Courses and the Danelec Type Specific ECDIS Testing at Moloobhoys. We have trained over 4500 students in India alone. We are pioneers in launching the Position Reference System (PRS) Course in India, for the Oil and Gas Industry, duly recognized by the Nautical Institute of London, UK.

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Moloobhoy Verticals

We position ourselves as a one-stop-shop. This is what we do:

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Electronic Sales

Full suite of marine bridge electronics - Navigation and Communication Equipment.

World Class Brands, available ex-stock, with competitive pricing.

In-house Logistics team enables us to deliver quickly and efficiently, on-board the vessel, anywhere in India.

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Life-Saving & Fire Fighting Sales

Integrity of equipment and authenticity of supply is our trademark.

From pyrotechnics to liferafts, lifeboats and davits we do it all.

Supply is coupled with service in line with our mission of being a "one-stop-shop"

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Defense Sales

Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard are our esteemed customers in this demographic.

We are registered with most Defense Shipyards in India.

Defense Research Institutes are also our Customers.

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Electronic / Life-saving / Fire-fighting Service

Our Motto: First Time Fix.

Our Goal: Customer Appreciation; not just Customer Satisfaction.

Our Team: 60+ engineers and technicians, pan India

Our USP: Efficient Service at an Economical Cost.

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Voted as one of the best NavSkills institutes in the world.

Trained over 5000+ students in India and from all around the world.

First PRS (Position Reference Sensor) Course in the world, which is recognized by The Nautical Institute, London.

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Moloobhoy International

Starting with the UAE, we have expanded to International shores.

Our Focus: The Luxury yachting, sailing and leisure market.

The Job: Electronics. Life-Saving and Fire-Fighting.

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Our Team

Comprises of educated, dynamic and hardworking people who believe in the Mission and Vision of Moloobhoys. With strong ethical values, and a natural penchant for being at the Service of the Maritime Customer and OEM, we believe it is our team who are the brand ambassadors of the Moloobhoy name. A family business at heart, we portray ourselves as professional, steadfast and fair in all our interactions and business dealings.

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The Owners
& Directors

A Family Run Business of 4 Generations

Launched in 1905, during World War I, today, we are head officed in Mumbai, with 8 privately owned branches around India and 2 branches in Fujairah and Dubai, in the UAE.

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Core Team

Humbly at your Service

A small and dynamic team of 6 Members, our Core Team is the Backbone of Moloobhoys because nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.

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Training Faculty

The World's best, in India

"The man who thinks only of himself is hopelessly uneducated" - Dr. Butler. We agree. Our Maritime Training courses are the best in India for 3 consecutive years.

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Moloobhoy Engineers

Our Brand Mascots

Our Engineers speak fluent English, have a degree in Electronics, 12 months training and are certified on OEM equipment. From APT/SRT to PCB Repair we do it with a SMILE.

What makes Moloobhoys Better?

We are a Family owned business, so we care. We care about our team and our people. We care about our OEMs. We care about our Customers. But most importantly we care about the rules and we care about our Country. We do not take short-cuts that could one day cost you your life. We are the partners you can depend on, your partner since 1905 and for another 100 years to come.

OEM Representation

Moloobhoys represents the best brands in the marine world, exclusively and non exclusively in India. We have several departments catering to all niches of the maritime world. We offer our services in India, the UAE and GCC Countries. With a strength of over 50 OEM distributorships, we are humbly at the service of the Marine Customer.

Customer Service

Our Mantra: A Customer is King. And a paying Customer is God. With Customer satisfaction always on our Radar, we believe in providing the best of Electronic and Life-Saving Service, with a smile. We sell, supply, repair, install and commission electronic equipment. From SBMCs to conducting SRT and APT surveys, we have pledged ourselves to being at the service of the Marine Customer 24/7 and 365 days of the year.

Industry Pioneers

We are the leaders in new ventures, not only because we have been around the longest, but because we have the ability and desire to grow. We have the first DG approved pyros disposal facility in Asia. We recently launched the ARTEMIS (PRS) Course, certified by the Nautical Institute in London for the Shuttle Tankers.

Ethical Trade Practice

We have survived for over a 112 years because of our value system, our ethics and our fundamental beliefs. We stay clear from corruption and deception. We do not fudge pyrotechnics, re-sell expired equipment or package 2nd hand equipment to look like "new". We grow slowly, but steadily after an honest day's work.

Quick Take-Aways

A. S. Moloobhoy Pvt. Ltd. is a "one-stop-shop" or "complete marine solution" for any Marine Customer in India, the UAE, the GCC countries or anywhere else in the world.

With a team of over 150 members, 50 of our engineers are trained and certified in our OEM equipment. We represent over 50 OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) both exclusively and non-exclusively and we have over 10 different departments catering to the various different marine demographics.

100% owned by the Moloobhoy family, Mrs. Nafeesa Moloobhoy is the Managing Director and Mr. Adil Moloobhoy is the Chairman. Their daughters - Ghazalah and Tehzeeb are fourth generation Moloobhoys, and the sole heirs to the 112 year legacy.

A. S. Moloobhoy and Sons Pvt. Ltd. is the Training division of Moloobhoys. Here, Moloobhoys offers the FURUNO, NAVICO and MARIS Type Specific Training and also the DG Approved 1.27 Generic ECDIS Training Course. Testing for DANALEC ECDIS is conducted on a daily basis, and Moloobhoys has trained and tested over 4500 national and international students till date.

We have recently introduced the ARTEMIS PRS (Position Reference System) by Guidance Marine for the first time in India, and this course has been certified by the Nautical Institute of London.

Head-officed in Mumbai, our marketing office is at Marathon Future-X. Our training school and service center is at Mazagaon, and our office building is in the MIDC area. We have 8 privately owned branches at all the major ports surrounding India's peninsula. One office in Dubai under Moloobhoy Marine Services, LLC with our Head Office in Fujairah, UAE.


Over 100 years and still Growing!

Established in 1905, Moloobhoys was initially a ship chandler and a ship breaking company. Eventually we moved into the space of supply of Lifesaving equipment and we even owned a few vessels. Finally, 10 years ago, we moved into the niche of Electronics and today, we are fully able to supply, service, install and commission the whole range of equipment needed by a ship, an oil rig or a floating platform of any kind. We've grown in these past years - from 1 office to 8 around India.


Bringing the Best of the World to India

Our Customers know that we only represent the best Original Equipment Manufacturers from around the world exclusively and non exclusively in India. Some of our OEM agencies have been with us for over a 100 years. We abide by the strictest ethical standards and we believe in our OEM's expertise, brand and skill. They are not only our Partners but they also help strengthen the Moloobhoy Brand.


2016 - Moloobhoys goes International

For the first time in 112 years, Moloobhoys decides to take the best of India to the rest of the World. With the launching of Moloobhoy Marine Services, LLC in the UAE in Fujairah and Dubai, Moloobhoys has now expanded her shores to servicing maritime customers in the UAE and GCC countries from 2016 onward.


The Moloobhoy Family - Women in a Man's World

Moloobhoy's USP is - making ordinary people do extra-ordinary tasks. Our Managing Director is one of the very few women, in a position of power, in a Man's World. Moloobhoys is proud to be part of the Marine Fraternity and pledge our allegiance to the "brotherhood" that they stand for.


The Moloobhoy Mantra - Service with a Smile

We believe that you are never fully dressed without a smile. Service comes from the heart and success can only be attained if you love what you do. At Moloobhoys, we believe in always placing our best foot forward, in the service of the Indian Marine Customer. This is the reason for our success thus far.


Training = Paying it forward

Education is key and it's the only market that is recession proof. By bringing an International Standard of training to India, Moloobhoys has proudly trained over 4500 students in the courses that we offer. We are the first in the world to launch the ARTEMIS PRS (Position Referencing System) Course offered by Guidance Marine and certified by the Nautical Institute of London, outside the UK.