The Legacy of Moloobhoys of 100 Years

A 100+ Year Legacy

Adil Moloobhoy, Chairman

Customer Database since 1905 - 75%

Employee Retention Rate - 80%

Tolerance for Customer Complaint - 5%

Work-o-meter - 97%

A.S.Moloobhoy Pvt. Ltd. began as a ship breaking and general ship-chandeling firm in the early 1900's (1905).

Awarded and felicitated with several certificates and accolades of merit from various flagship Indian companies such as: "The Anchor Line", "Cunard White Star", "Mazagon Dock", "The Shipping Corporation of India" and "H.M.I. Naval Dockyard" this recognition and applause is Moloobhoy's primary pride and joy.

During World War II, India was under colonial rule. Before obtaining her Independence, Moloobhoys was awarded the ‘Certificate of Efficiency’ from the H.M. Victualling Depot for her "sterling service" to the troop ships.

It is based on such past laurels and distinctions that Moloobhoys has structured her foundation and formulated a professional Corporate Culture in India and now in the UAE as well.

With this paradigm shift in moving from a family run company to a professional and corporate enterprise, even today, Moloobhoys is a zero debt company, backed with an impeccable track record in serving the maritime industry spanning over a century (119 years to be exact).

As Moloobhoys continues to cater to the ever-growing need in the Marine Market, as Chairman, I believe that there will always be a lack in this Industry for proactive, competent and reputable companies, holding ready stocks of goods, equipment and essential spares in country, while providing reliable service.

I hope to see Moloobhoys live on for another century as an expected solution to this epidemic, not just in India but around the world.