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He, who walks on another's tracks, leaves no footprints.

Joan Brannon
  • Ahmed Moloobhoy

    Ahmed S. Moloobhoy
    Founder (1905 - 1955)

    Ahmed S Moloobhoy was an entirely self made man. He set up his business in 1890, dismantling disused bridges, mills and later shipbreaking.

    He was the first chairman of the Darukhana Iron and Steel Merchants Association (DISSMA).

    The firm demolished various scrap ships including S S Northbrook and S S Harding, the sister ships of training ship Dufferin and Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. passenger vessel S.S. State of Madras.

    An independent ship chandling activity was introduced initially to provide victualling services to troop ships during World War I and also World War II when India was still under the British Rule. Certificates of merit and accolades were awarded to the firm for the high level of service by prestigious establishments, including Cunard White Star and Her Majesty's Indian Naval Dockyard and Mazagon Dock Ltd.

    His humble heritage made Ahmed seth a highly principled man, who believed in treating others as he would expect them to treat him.

    He lived by this adage till the time of his passing in 1955 and even today, over 111 years on, we still hold his banner of integrity and service and product excellence as our most revered Company objective.

  • Shareef A. Moloobhoy

    Shareef A. Moloobhoy
    1st Chairman (1916 - 1988)

    Shareef, the youngest of the 3 sons of Ahmed Moloobhoy, was a gifted architect by qualification (ARIBA) and one of the few privileged srudents of Frank Lloyd Wright.

    He was the backbone and inspiration of the firm of A S Moloobhoy & Sons for 25 years, steering the course for the activities and concentrating on safety and specialised ships stores post Indian independence.

    From 1950s emphasis was given to specialised ship chandling to the passenger vessels of The Mogul Line Ltd., prior to their merger with the Shipping Corporation of India Limited.

    With the advent of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) marine safety became a focus area.

    Shareef was the nominated representative of the firm on the advisory board of the Indian Standards Institution (ISI) for marine safety and for the preparation of the safety standards for various marine life saving appliances including life-jackets & buoys, ships navigation lights, etc.

    A highly educated and cultured man and a connoisseur of the arts and food, he perpetuated his father's ethical values which are engrained into the Company today as a doctrine for the generations to come.

  • Adil S. Moloobhoy

    Adil S. Moloobhoy
    Chairman (1977 - Today)

    My working life started with the firm in 1977.

    My father's indifferent health and subsequent stroke precipitated this move half way through my higher education.

    The journey of the firm from 1905 until that time is etched in the profile history of my grandfather Ahmed Shareef Moloobhoy and my father Shareef Ahmed Moloobhoy.

    The focus on safety grew to include electronic equipment sales and service with the advent of the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) Convention by IMO in the 1990s.

    With the new millennium the focus of the company is now on specialised marine sales and services, including specialised electronics training, aside from all aspects of safety.

    From 2010, I have given up my role as the standard bearer for the firm to my wife Nafeesa and two daughters Ghazalah and Tehzeeb, who are rallying and developing new areas of business within the core Marine area of competence and recognition.

    Their achievements and prowess make me proud and I know that they are doing this with the blessings of our founders and forefathers.

  • Nafeesa A. Moloobhoy

    Nafeesa A. Moloobhoy
    Managing Director (2000 - Today)

    A.S.Moloobhoy Pvt Ltd. is the parent company of the Moloobhoy Group of Companies, formerly known as A.S.Moloobhoy and Sons, and is 112 years old, inaugurated in 1905 during World War I.

    Moloobhoys is headquartered in Mumbai with eight privately owned branches across the great Indian peninsula.

    Nafeesa Moloobhoy is the Managing Director of the Moloobhoy Group of Companies in India and in the UAE.

    She is a thorough, hands-on business entrepreneur, and one of the very few women in a male-dominated maritime sphere.

    With almost no formal education, Nafeesa rests her laurels of success on her intuition, her ability to work 24/7 and on a Divine Force in which she steadfastly believes.

    "I run my business using basic common sense which is unfortunately not so common. Being a housewife initially, I am very conscious of cash flows and budgets and the maternal instinct in me ensures that my people are looked after."

    Her open mind, affability, diligence and her "do or die" attitude has enabled her to expand her business and transform Moloobhoys from a family run firm to a "one-stop-shop", for the International Marine Customer, anywhere in the world.

    Nafeesa has now set her sights to expand into international markets. She has launched Moloobhoy Marine Services, LLC in the UAE in 2016.

    With Nafeesa at the helm, under her leadership today, Moloobhoys provide a host of services through a team of OEM trained and certified engineers and technicians including in the LSA and FFA segment - liferafts, lifeboats, and firefighting services; and the whole range of NAVCOM electronics, TVRO, Gyro and Auto Pilot, Radio and Class Survey.

    Nafeesa has always been passionate about "giving back" to the Marine Industry. Today, Moloobhoys has moved into Marine Training and has conducted ECDIS type specific training courses. Moloobhoys has trained over 5,000 students in India.

    The Moloobhoy Training institute is the first to conduct on-line-training with human interaction especially for the Danelec Type Specific Ecdis.

    Another milestone that Nafeesa has achieved in 2017 is to make Moloobhoys pioneers in Training of PRS.

    "We are the first in the world to conduct the PRS (Position Reference System) training course with Guidance Marine using the Artemis PRS, recognized by the Nautical Institute Of London, outside the UK."

    In conclusion, Nafeesa is a great supporter of women in power. Something she obviously epitomizes.

    In addition to the marine sphere, Nafeesa is also a Director on the board of Bharat Serums and Vaccines Ltd., one of the fastest growing bio-pharmaceutical companies in India of the 21st century.

  • Ghazalah Moloobhoy

    Ghazalah Moloobhoy
    Director (2009 - Today)

    As the fourth generation at A. S. Moloobhoy Pvt. Ltd., a company initiated by my great grandfather, now, over a hundred years old – my vision is one of growth, development and global expansion.

    The past seven years at Moloobhoys has taught me to aspire to retain our authenticity that gives Moloobhoys our individuality in an over-saturated market, that is the Indian Maritime fraternity; while simultaneously endeavoring to strike a balance between such adage traditions and the 21st century's modernity.

    In an age where Twitter is the most reliable source of news and Artificial Intelligence is replacing human error, if we don't adapt with time, we will be left very far behind.

    My Degree is in Communication, with a double Minor in Advertising from the Annenberg School of Communication and Theater Arts from the School of Theater, at the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles.

    My job profile caters predominantly to luxury, recreational yachting and sailing. I work with sales and marketing, advertising, public relations, press and media for the Moloobhoy group of Companies, in India, the UAE and GCC countries.

    I also handle the Purchase of equipment and work closely with our OEMs to retain prime distributorships and control capital expenditure.

    Living between DXB and India, I plan on expanding Moloobhoy’s plethora of Customers in the luxury space, in the next few years.

    In my perception, the scope to grow this relatively untapped, uncharted luxury boating market is prevalent. This is because the launch of India's first marina in Mumbai and Aligbag, might seem futuristic but is inevitable.

    With a government that is pro-industry, infrastructure, development and growth under the "Make in India" concept, if there was ever a time to bring about change, that time is NOW.

  • Tehzeeb Moloobhoy

    Tehzeeb Moloobhoy Bhandari
    Director (2011 - Today)

    Being the fourth generation standard-bearer of a century old company like A.S. Moloobhoy Pvt. Ltd. is both an honor as well as a great responsibility, but one that I am excited and charged to take on.

    My degree is a Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) with concentrations in Finance and Business Management from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. I sincerely hope that my formal education coupled with my family history will help me take this company forward.

    Since I have been working at Moloobhoys for the last five years I have been in the service department. I fundamentally believe that in addition to a great product, good service is what keeps a customer happy and at Moloobhoys as Sam Walton says “the goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary” and that is what we strive towards.

    One way of implementing this to win the customer’s confidence is our adaptation of “first time fix” policy which is our motto in Moloobhoys service. As a reinforcement that we are heading in the right direction Moloobhoys was awarded the Best Service Provider by Furuno in early 2017, we hope this is just the beginning.

    Furthermore, I hope that in a primarily male dominated industry such as the marine industry I am able to overcome all challenges and ultimately create a name and niche for myself much like my mother Nafeesa Moloobhoy.